Sam Sartor
I spend a lot of time writing code for fun and profit! Right now I work at SketchUp.
Now that async/await has been released, attention has drifted back to refining stackless coroutines (the unstable language feature that makes async/await possible). Alas, the latest RFC has shown that there is still a lot of disagreement on what exactly coroutines in Rust should look like beyond async/await. I felt like it will be useful to flesh out what coroutines could be so we can better discuss what they should be…
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Writing a search engine is hard. When confronted with the endless complexities of language, it is usually best to use code written by other, presumably smarter, people. For whatever reason, I was recently forced to implement my own search engine. Although this might have been accomplished with sufficient guesswork, I decided to try and derive an appropriate algorithm with math! I’ve documented my approach here if anyone else ever finds themselves in a similar situation…
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